Combat Arms Hack 2013 Undetected March [DOWNLOAD]

Combat Arms Hack 2013


January/March 2013

Hello everyone, in this video we are showing you how to use hack in Combat Arms. This is Combat Arms Multi Hack, a hack tool which we developed! This tool allows you use hacks and cheats in Combat Arms!

-Speed hack
-Wall hack
-Teleport hack
-Fly hack


  1. Extract hack

  2. Open Combat arms ( wait for loading game)

  3. Open hack and select Options

  4. Turn anti kick

  5. Click hack

  6. Go fun !

Combat Arms Hack 2013 Undetected March [DOWNLOAD]





3 Responses to Combat Arms Hack 2013 Undetected March [DOWNLOAD]

  1. Rhonda pisze:

    hehehe worked i tested in combat arms eu :) )

  2. Bazhaev pisze:

    Thx for upload i destoyed all noobs now

  3. SpeeDy2000 pisze:

    Thanks Man! It`s works perfectly :) Combat US TOO

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